Munic is a leading vehicle data collection, processing and monetization company in Europe and North America. For decades, the automotive industry has been operating without any access to car-data*, due to a lack of connectivity and car data processing technologies. For all the automotive industry stakeholders, access to car data is essential in order to prepare for the big changes affecting this industry globally, by leveraging car-data in existing services or developing new services and features. We’re disrupting this industry that is projected to reach between 450 and 750 billion USD worldwide by 2030, by offering the only universal car data access and processing platform. Based on 2 major technologies: in-vehicle terminals (mainly OBD Dongles) powered by our Edge computing platform, and our AI Platform,, that is leveraging the power of data science and machine learning for vehicle data processing, Munic is the enabler of a large range of innovative services.

* Car data: data that is produced by Vehicle electronics and sensors during vehicle operation, that is simply wasted today. This includes data produced by sensors added to the vehicle through aftermarket devices or factory fitted solutions, such as GPS and accelerometer data (also called telematics data), that today is more or less the only type of data available in volumes. Car data’s potential value is much larger than its basic subset, telematics data.

years of R&D,> €47M total investment
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We strive to offer the most advanced Edge Computing and Vehicle data access platform

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