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The first complete SCAN tool in a box !

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Access exclusive data

Munic Box can be programmed to periodically scan the vehicle and retrieve valuable information which, until now, was available to just a few (i.e. car dealers, repair shops). Fault codes and prognostic data included! Munic.Box helps you keep vehicles in top-notch conditions!

Complete Scan Tool in a box

Disappointed by the limitations of the OBD standards ? Thanks to its unique and advanced OBDStacks interface, Munic.Box enables you to conduct a complete scan of virtually every ECU in any vehicle. Upon connection, Munic.Box will retrieve the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and synchronize this information with an online library covering almost all vehicles. Once done, Munic.Box will then upload the instruction set required to fully scan the various ECUs onto the device.

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Measure & Analyze Driving Behavior like never before

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Advanced inertial Navigation system

An accurate driver profiling algorithm requires high quality data from the sensors. Munic.Box features a unique and highly advanced INS engine that processes raw 3D data collected from the device’s sensors at 1kHz, eliminating spurious noise and converting the data into a normalized, calibrated stream at 15Hz aligned with the axes of the vehicle.

Detection of driving events

Thanks to a pattern detection module developed by Mobile Devices, Munic.Box accurately detects and reports harsh braking, rapid acceleration and cornering events. And since various vehicle types will require different configurations, Munic.Box offers unique customization possibilities through an innovative pattern definition script that you can write yourself or purchase from the Munic.Box store.

Boost Fuel Efficiency

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Real time engine data

Engine data can tell you a lot about a driver’s style and the efficiency at which the engine is being used. enables complete engine monitoring thanks to the information it provides you: RPM, torque, pedal position, selected gear and much more…

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Fuel consumption

Based on real time OBD information, provides accurate fuel consumption data which you will receive automatically at the end of each trip. In addition Munic.Box can provide accurate fuel measurement and instantaneous consumption read directly from the dashboard.

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Over speeding

When a vehicle is speeding, fuel consumption increases dramatically . Munic.Box monitors vehicle speed and detects speeding events.

Capture Crash Data

Crash notification

Every is equipped with a crash detection algorithm that constantly runs in the background and analyzes in real time data collected by its sensors. Upon detection of a crash pattern, a 10-second buffer of 400 Hz or 1 KHz accelerometer data is stored and a notification of event is automatically sent to the server with a severity index.

Crash conditions

Crash reconstruction requires understanding the conditions surrounding a crash and accurately assessing whether to send emergency services. This can only be done through the analysis of a comprehensive set of pre and post crash data including accelerometer data and information obtained from the vehicle such as airbag deployment, ABS monitoring, seat belt, brake, driver seat sensors etc… Munic.Box will give you the tools to retrieve this data from the vehicle.

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