Telematics platform

Universal platform for ALL Telematics verticals

What is Mobile Devices telematics platform ?

It is a combination of:

An embedded operating system

An embedded operating system

A server of software & infrastructure

for managing the devices and connecting ANY back end solution with the embedded logic

A universal communication protocol

between these two parts

Morpheus SDK is the tool chain for developing with Munic

The tool chain for developing

and deploying applications both embedded and server based

What makes a telematics platform UNIQUE?

A unique development methodology

Future proof technologies
selecting the best «future-proof» underlying technologies for the embedded and server platform

A server of software & infrastructure
write the specifications, develop and validate with value added customers in all verticals

Develop, operate a Universal telematics platform

Build, test and improve continuously the platform for ALL telematics niches
aggregating the requirements and experience from each of them